Saturday, November 30, 2013


Note: I currently don't have a working digital camera. I apologize for the ickiness of these iPhone photos.

This song basically sums up my thoughts towards my teachers.

Just kidding—all of the issues I have with schoolwork have to do with procrastination. They’d be non-existent if I learned how to do work. (Well, I mean, I’d still have some problems—but nowhere near as many.)

Hmmm.... Whenever I have free time (or "free time" because there really is no such thing anymore) I watch Sailor Moon or Totally Spies on my laptop. Tres fun. (I just needed an excuse to put this GIF set in here because it's sexy and colorful.)

(these two are in reverse order and i don't know how to switch them bakkkk :( )

Lalalalala, so as we all know, Halloween happened! 

My outfit on Halloween Eve:

Important new (old) shirt:


Back to Halloween: I didn't have a costume, really. I mean, I got Enid Coleslaw glasses and wore them with the weirdest clothes I own.

Like, this is seriously the extent of my dressing up:

When my friends and I went trick-or-treating, most of the people were shocked to see us. They'd like, open the door, stare at us for a second, and then be like, "You guys are...big..."

It was fun, though. Candy is fun. I happened to eat all of it (literally, all of it) that night. (hehe) And Kofi's candy got run over by a car... Sorry, Kofi!

Stuff I've been up to... 

Running 4 student government... (we did well enough)


catholic schools are funny

suit tops and pijama pants!

You know that random-post-generator thing? Basically, they make posts and you're supposed to be all like, "I'd totally say that!!!" when all they really do is cut and paste random words from statuses and stuff together.

Anyways, I thought these were too funny not to share.

Stay cool! (Or warm, rather.) (Unless you're in Australia--just stick to the first part.) (Lel--get it--stick--cuz ur sweaty!!)

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