Tuesday, October 15, 2013



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I have new followers!!!! 

Welcome, welcome. Whale cum (drrrty joke?) I welcome thee to the dark side. Muah ha ha. (Contrary to popular thought, there are NO COOKIES here.)

I have got lots of things to catch you guys up on (by "you guys" I mean myself in the future, stalking myself and feeling nostalgic about things happened approximately thirty-seven seconds ago.) (By the way, I am not referring to anything important happening thirty-seven seconds ago--for I was probably just formatting the red text above ^^^ but I am alluding to my tendency to feel sappy about insignificant things shortly after they occur.) (If there's one thing I've learned from Bones--mind you, I still have no idea what part of the body the "humerus" is in even though I've seen every episode at least twice--it's that it's important to be direct.)

©      This month, I started seeing a black cat on my bike route to school. I didn’t see this cat until October started. sp00ky.

©       I WAS ON ROOKIE!!!

The pictures were taken by Allyssa. She did a beautiful job! :)

©       I am no longer a vegan. I dunno, I just got tired of refusing to let myself eat what I wanted all the time and you do not know how suckish it feels to have to get the same two sorbet flavors and the same fruit toppings at 16 Handles all the time when they have flavors like APPLE CIDER DONUT and toppings like MOCHI and APPLE TURNOVER WHATEVER and CONEY ISLAND CRUNCH and so on. Also, bagels and chives cream cheese and lox. Also, creamy tomato soup. Also, mochi ice cream. YES, YES, ALL YOU VEGANS OUT THERE ARE PROBABLY LIKE, “HER HEART WASN’T IN IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!” Well, I wouldn’t have put up with it for six months—not that long, I know—if I was doing it to feel trendy. Also, my veganism, like a lot of other things, totally pissed my mom off and I was like, “welp, I might as well let you have my diet,” so yeahhhh. And I was tired of constantly feeling guilty for accidently eating stuff with animal products because I forgot to read the labels and yeah.

All of these little reasons don’t add up to how many lives I’d benefit if I was vegan, but I don’t know…I might try again when I’m older and more in control of my life.

©      Here are some pictures of pinkness and my favorite building. (Less than three!!)

©      I am 107% content at my new school! Still! There is lots of work, but I’ve learned to love working. I had a lot of inspirational “LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” epiphanies over the summer… Right now I’m especially in love with biology. (I already took it, but now I’m taking an “advanced” course, whatever that means…) Every time I learn something new, I’m all like, “Wow, this is amazing! The world is such an amazing place! Yeah, knowledge!” But seriously, I’m actually learning to appreciate all of the awesome complexity of our you-knee-verse and I am genuinely excited and motivated to learn and do work. And I actually study (like, actually) and I do homework to benefit myself and not just to do it. I am essentially “learning how to school” again. (And, I think, succeeding. J)


On a personal note: today's procrastination is due to my lack of sleep last night. This will not be a habit. This will not be a habit. This will not be a habit. (hehe I have lots of weird methods to keep me on top of my game--many of which include me talking to myself.)

©      I’m reading poop-tons of poetry for Speech. (As in, the Speech and Debate team.) We have to cut together a program. (I’m supposed to have it finished by tonight and it’s already 8:30 and I haven’t done any of my other homework yet and I’m coooool.)

my school is like really old (in contrast to my old school that was barely 10 years old). i mean, like, 100 years old. anyways, people checked out the book i'm reading now in 1968! eep so kawaii desu desu ne
oh yeah, i'm "reading" dylan thomas, edna st vincent millay, shakespeare, and sylvia plath #PretendingToBeCulturedEvenThoughI'mActuallyNot

©      Blah, blah, procrastination, blah. I applied for my school newspaper’s opinions department and this is my application piece. Enjoy!

Off The Hook-stuy students shouldn’t be on face book
            What does the fox say? This is not an essay about foxes but did I get youre attention. This is a essay about why lalalala students should not be on face book. lalalala students shouldnt be on face book because there is alot of homework, they procrastinate, and face book is not safe.
            There is alot of homework. In manhattan, New York there is a HighSchool called lalalala. You have to be smart to get into there. “I got into lalalala became im smart” a stuyvesant student said. You can’t do youre hw if your always on face book because it is a big school. you have to learn how to write Essays very well. for homework
            face book is not safe. “I am on face book and it is good for homework help” said an la student. pretty dangerous we at the spectator think. there are people you don’t know.
            Finally lalalala students procrastinate. Procrastinate is when you don’t do youre homework cause you are on face book. it is dangerous. because lala is a big school.
            In conclusion if you are on face book too much you will have alot of homework, procrastinate, and it is not safe.

©      I went to a Bat Mitzvah, which was fun. There was an Instagram they set up for it, for pictures of the Bat Mitzvah and stuff. It was a lot of selfies and pictures of people with a few ironic “deep” ceiling pictures…I posted a picture of a random cow (which people appreciated) and a picture of my armpit hair (I’ve got quite a bit). The picture was apparently “so vulgar” that it was deleted off the Instagram. (The only picture deleted off the Instagram.) Plus, two girls who used to like me and one who doesn’t know me think I’m totally gross and disgusting and offensive and WHY CAN’T I JUST SHAVE IT OFF?!?! Honestly, I enjoy being all interesting and controversial and hated…hehe.

my face in the bottom right...actually not on purpose...

Also, bagels.

yes, that is a bagel glued to a piece of paper #bagelswag

©      Halloween is coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you may or may not already know… Enjoy these cats and a photo documentation of the disgusting amounts of candy I have been consuming lately.



  1. congratulations on being in Rookie! I saw the photos! they were beyond amazing!



  2. who is alik? he is kinda hot. hook me up pl0x


  3. Aw your blog, though. It's like you don't give a damn of what others think and you just go ahead and have the most snazziest blog on the block. I actually found your blog via Rookie (which is an amazing magazine by the way) and you are gorgeous. Have a nice one xx
    lotus marina.

    blog | tumblr

    1. thank you so much! i agree--it's pretty amazing magazine. i hope you do, too. :)