Thursday, September 5, 2013


I took a picture of myself holding UP a bar with DATES in it.

Yay! My camp friends and I reunited. We hung out around St. Marks place.

Hehe, Indian lady putting gages in Blue's ears.

Earrings and stuff.

We stayed up really late and took selfies and stuff.

The next day, by my favorite building, the Domino Sugar factory!

My camera broke, unfortunately. Now all of the pictures look like this:

A little while ago, I went to a writing camp which was fun! We basically just hung out and wrote all day, (This is completely okay with me.) I made a friend named Lily. She is so kawaii! She has really cute teeth and a really cute lisp and other admirable qualities, of course (i.e. great writer-ing, friendliness, intellect, A LISP.) Hi Lily, if you're reading this! I like you! (HEHEHEHEHEHE.)

I wrote some poetry that I'm proud of, so I will share it with you. It's also posted on my formal blog, by the way.

Some haiku:

Her cold pink under
The stupid shade inside of
My forever blue

Our indigo peach
Under the flowsilver sun
Ours in the cool warmth

The never evers
In sugarflower mildew
That told me not to

They never told me
About the great orange great
Burnt dust in your heart

A weird, experiment-y poem: (It's the first poem I've written in a very long time.)

Sweet Blues

:::: peach flowers undermythumb
why? you may ask
i never saw a [sweet] [tear]
but i like the taste of salt
i don’t know
i never did
i just don’t ::
; willow ;
soft candy dreams
our pinkcheeks
::::::::::because we’re never here

A villanelle:

Far Away

Sometimes I like to be alone
All the way up high
Far away from home

When the sun cannot be shown
When the birds cannot fly
Sometimes I like to be alone

Where the wind strikes a saccharine tone
Floating in the the wooly sky
Far away from home

When our heart turns to stone
When our cold pink does not try
Sometimes I like to be alone

Underneath gentle waves of sea foam
Inside a glimmering eye
Far away from home

In a land where I can roam
That will never be mine
Sometimes I like to be alone
Far away from home
Yup, that's it! Yaaaay!  okaybye