Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy September! I hope you all are having a nice summer! (And school is nice if you're starting.)

i got new sunglasses just in time for summer!
Summer vacation (it's not really over until the ninth, but it's September so it feels pretty over) has been weird. I've spent a lot of time lying in bed/on the couch watching Bones, which is obviously not ideal. I also went to camps and stuff. And, the whole summer has been a bit of a self-improvement kick sort of thing and I did a lot of organizing (like, of my room and my brain.)

I've realized that all of you might not care as much about my life as I do, but this is like a diary for me and it's fun to look back at everything and feel nostalgic, so EFF YOU IN THE BUTTHOLE. (Oh, wait! You already did!--hehe The Way,Way Back reference--is it bad that I laughed at that part?)

So, I SAW MAC DEMARCO!!! I saw on Facebook that he was playing a show FOR FREE. The show was amazing and hilarious. Mac DeMarco said all of these cute little things in between songs and it was really cute. When he sang the last chorus of 'Still Together' he brought his "sweet Kiki" out on stage and they both sat on an amp/monitor (I don't have a great music equipment vocabulary or vocabulary in general) and kissed each other and it was the most adorable thing ever. They also played a cover of 'Blackbird' and the bassist sang, or, rather, screamed half of it.

The experience of being there was a lot of fun. I could feel the bass drum in my heart and sweaty people all around me and all of the vibes were very beautiful and happy and together-y. It's also been becoming super apparent to me that (most of) my friends and I are basically the only kids in our age group that don't smoke/drink/do drugs. It's kind of weird. It's not like I want to or anything (it doesn't sound like a lot of fun, anyways) but so many kids my age throw parties where they get super high and drunk and it's totally normal. My previous school was in a bit of a bubble, so this is very culture shock-y and stuff. And, I know this is stupid, but after having had it be blown into my face for an hour at the show, I finally know what weed smells like! (I live in New York, so I've obviously smelled it before...I just wasn't completely aware of what it was.) If you haven't noticed, I'm a total dork (and I'm proud!)

After the show was over, Ruby and I saw some Rookies! We may be featured in a photo shoot one day! (We gave our emails to a photographer whose name I can't remember right now...sorry!) 

We also took a picture with mister DeMarco! I SAID EIGHT WHOLE WORDS TO HIM. I said, "May we please take a picture with you?" and he was like "Sure!" and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.

I'm not sure what the inspiration behind the Christmas picture was. I just think it's funny and I like Christmas, so yeah!

Mac DeMarco is really great. His music doesn't really sound like anything else that's popular now. It's very velvety chill and charismatic and humble and sweet. I think he's awesome. And he has a great sense of humor.

Yay! Good night.

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