Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yo! (Heh.)

School has started and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I DON’T WANT TO RUB THIS IS ANYONE’S FACE OR ANYTHING, BUT I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MY NEW SCHOOL. My school is just really beautiful and it’s in a beautiful area and the people (or the ones that I talk to…mostly from my old middle school hehe) are amazing!

I’m just really excited for all of the stuff I have the potential to accomplish. Last year wasn’t exactly sucky, but a few things went wrong that I think I have the tools to prevent from happening this year.

The clubs seem especially cool. There’s practically everything from Speech and Debate to Aviation History Appreciation (the existence of this club made me chuckle under my breath.) I’m planning on joining:
©      Speech and Debate
©      the newspaper
©      the photography club (possibly)
©      the biking club (possibly)

I want to join:
©      Speech and Debate
©      the newspaper
©      the literary magazine
©      the environmental club
©      the animal Rights club
©      the yoga club
©      the photography club
©      the filmmaking club
©      the beading/jewelry club
©      the baking club
©      the theater club/stuff
©      the bracelet making club
©      GLASS
©      Historical Movie Watchers
©      the radio station
©      the podcast
©      the going-on-trips around NYC club
©      the board games club
©      the “Audiophiles Anonymous” club
©      the sharing-rad-music club
©      the outdoors club
©      the film appreciation club
©      the biking club
©      the rock climbing club
©      the badminton club

IT’S TERRIBLE! IT’S NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE FOR ME TO JOIN ALL OF THESE CLUBS BUT…UUUGGGGHH… (I also sort of want to start like 3032490349340392034 clubs, too.)

Anyway, it’s officially AUTUMN. (I think.) Here’s a collage of pop culture stuff that feels autumn-y to me.

my so-called life, heathers, courtney love, kim gordon, mr. fantastic fox, the white stripes, hole, freaks and geeks, my so-called life, beck, elliott smith, the white stripes, the squid and the whale, grimes, kurt cobain

Here’s a playlist. I kind of hate it, but I feel like this post needs a playlist.

i felt like being sort of rookie-ish and handwriting the tracklisting
I’m getting sort-of-okay-maybe-possibly at that whole clothes thing! Hehe, maybe I might have an outfit post one day! I’m learning how/where to buy clothes. hehe.

Here’s some cute stuff about school that you probably don’t care about but I do and this blog is for me and stuff, so DEAL WITH IT.
©      There is a kid who has lunch the same period as me. He wears normal American Eagle clothes or whatever AND cat ears and a pink studded collar.
©      Topics in Biology rocks. One of my favorite classmates from middle school introduced himself saying, “I am maff-loving Patrick and I love maff!”
©      English yesterday was a massive cacophony of explosive/nervous laughter (depends on the person), lots of screaming about sexy scandals, “So you’re adding molestation?” “It’s basically illegal.”, the sexual symbolism of tea and grandmas, and our teacher demonstrating the infamous “KNEE TAP” many, many times. (I love our English class, even if we’re like the only other class that doesn’t get to read The Catcher in the Rye.
©      My Global teacher complimented my watermelon socks and saw people going down water slides in business attire and he tells lots of other funny stories. Heh.)
©      Ned Vizzini had a really cute interview in the school newspaper where he was like, “I only idolized suicide because Kurt Cobain killed himself. He was not a very good role model,” and talked about playing Magic cards.
©      Well, this isn’t really positive, but I need to learn how to play bass. (Jazz Band is a bit stressful.)

I sort of freak out every time I see Halloween decorations in stores because I’m super excited for Halloween. I think I might be the log lady from Twin Peaks if I can’t think of something better. Suggestions?

i screamed with joy when i saw these (FURST HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS OF 2K13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)