Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yo! (Heh.)

School has started and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I DON’T WANT TO RUB THIS IS ANYONE’S FACE OR ANYTHING, BUT I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MY NEW SCHOOL. My school is just really beautiful and it’s in a beautiful area and the people (or the ones that I talk to…mostly from my old middle school hehe) are amazing!

I’m just really excited for all of the stuff I have the potential to accomplish. Last year wasn’t exactly sucky, but a few things went wrong that I think I have the tools to prevent from happening this year.

The clubs seem especially cool. There’s practically everything from Speech and Debate to Aviation History Appreciation (the existence of this club made me chuckle under my breath.) I’m planning on joining:
©      Speech and Debate
©      the newspaper
©      the photography club (possibly)
©      the biking club (possibly)

I want to join:
©      Speech and Debate
©      the newspaper
©      the literary magazine
©      the environmental club
©      the animal Rights club
©      the yoga club
©      the photography club
©      the filmmaking club
©      the beading/jewelry club
©      the baking club
©      the theater club/stuff
©      the bracelet making club
©      GLASS
©      Historical Movie Watchers
©      the radio station
©      the podcast
©      the going-on-trips around NYC club
©      the board games club
©      the “Audiophiles Anonymous” club
©      the sharing-rad-music club
©      the outdoors club
©      the film appreciation club
©      the biking club
©      the rock climbing club
©      the badminton club

IT’S TERRIBLE! IT’S NOT HUMANLY POSSIBLE FOR ME TO JOIN ALL OF THESE CLUBS BUT…UUUGGGGHH… (I also sort of want to start like 3032490349340392034 clubs, too.)

Anyway, it’s officially AUTUMN. (I think.) Here’s a collage of pop culture stuff that feels autumn-y to me.

my so-called life, heathers, courtney love, kim gordon, mr. fantastic fox, the white stripes, hole, freaks and geeks, my so-called life, beck, elliott smith, the white stripes, the squid and the whale, grimes, kurt cobain

Here’s a playlist. I kind of hate it, but I feel like this post needs a playlist.

i felt like being sort of rookie-ish and handwriting the tracklisting
I’m getting sort-of-okay-maybe-possibly at that whole clothes thing! Hehe, maybe I might have an outfit post one day! I’m learning how/where to buy clothes. hehe.

Here’s some cute stuff about school that you probably don’t care about but I do and this blog is for me and stuff, so DEAL WITH IT.
©      There is a kid who has lunch the same period as me. He wears normal American Eagle clothes or whatever AND cat ears and a pink studded collar.
©      Topics in Biology rocks. One of my favorite classmates from middle school introduced himself saying, “I am maff-loving Patrick and I love maff!”
©      English yesterday was a massive cacophony of explosive/nervous laughter (depends on the person), lots of screaming about sexy scandals, “So you’re adding molestation?” “It’s basically illegal.”, the sexual symbolism of tea and grandmas, and our teacher demonstrating the infamous “KNEE TAP” many, many times. (I love our English class, even if we’re like the only other class that doesn’t get to read The Catcher in the Rye.
©      My Global teacher complimented my watermelon socks and saw people going down water slides in business attire and he tells lots of other funny stories. Heh.)
©      Ned Vizzini had a really cute interview in the school newspaper where he was like, “I only idolized suicide because Kurt Cobain killed himself. He was not a very good role model,” and talked about playing Magic cards.
©      Well, this isn’t really positive, but I need to learn how to play bass. (Jazz Band is a bit stressful.)

I sort of freak out every time I see Halloween decorations in stores because I’m super excited for Halloween. I think I might be the log lady from Twin Peaks if I can’t think of something better. Suggestions?

i screamed with joy when i saw these (FURST HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS OF 2K13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Hey guys! I got a haircut! (And started school and FALL VIBEZ and stuff, but that'll be for tomorrow.)

In late August or Early September, I went to Rockaway with Ruby. Here are some pictures I took of her.

I’ll also add various other pictures I took of her that I’m proud of and never posted on here.

Good night!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I took a picture of myself holding UP a bar with DATES in it.

Yay! My camp friends and I reunited. We hung out around St. Marks place.

Hehe, Indian lady putting gages in Blue's ears.

Earrings and stuff.

We stayed up really late and took selfies and stuff.

The next day, by my favorite building, the Domino Sugar factory!

My camera broke, unfortunately. Now all of the pictures look like this:

A little while ago, I went to a writing camp which was fun! We basically just hung out and wrote all day, (This is completely okay with me.) I made a friend named Lily. She is so kawaii! She has really cute teeth and a really cute lisp and other admirable qualities, of course (i.e. great writer-ing, friendliness, intellect, A LISP.) Hi Lily, if you're reading this! I like you! (HEHEHEHEHEHE.)

I wrote some poetry that I'm proud of, so I will share it with you. It's also posted on my formal blog, by the way.

Some haiku:

Her cold pink under
The stupid shade inside of
My forever blue

Our indigo peach
Under the flowsilver sun
Ours in the cool warmth

The never evers
In sugarflower mildew
That told me not to

They never told me
About the great orange great
Burnt dust in your heart

A weird, experiment-y poem: (It's the first poem I've written in a very long time.)

Sweet Blues

:::: peach flowers undermythumb
why? you may ask
i never saw a [sweet] [tear]
but i like the taste of salt
i don’t know
i never did
i just don’t ::
; willow ;
soft candy dreams
our pinkcheeks
::::::::::because we’re never here

A villanelle:

Far Away

Sometimes I like to be alone
All the way up high
Far away from home

When the sun cannot be shown
When the birds cannot fly
Sometimes I like to be alone

Where the wind strikes a saccharine tone
Floating in the the wooly sky
Far away from home

When our heart turns to stone
When our cold pink does not try
Sometimes I like to be alone

Underneath gentle waves of sea foam
Inside a glimmering eye
Far away from home

In a land where I can roam
That will never be mine
Sometimes I like to be alone
Far away from home
Yup, that's it! Yaaaay!  okaybye

Monday, September 2, 2013


Happy September! I hope you all are having a nice summer! (And school is nice if you're starting.)

i got new sunglasses just in time for summer!
Summer vacation (it's not really over until the ninth, but it's September so it feels pretty over) has been weird. I've spent a lot of time lying in bed/on the couch watching Bones, which is obviously not ideal. I also went to camps and stuff. And, the whole summer has been a bit of a self-improvement kick sort of thing and I did a lot of organizing (like, of my room and my brain.)

I've realized that all of you might not care as much about my life as I do, but this is like a diary for me and it's fun to look back at everything and feel nostalgic, so EFF YOU IN THE BUTTHOLE. (Oh, wait! You already did!--hehe The Way,Way Back reference--is it bad that I laughed at that part?)

So, I SAW MAC DEMARCO!!! I saw on Facebook that he was playing a show FOR FREE. The show was amazing and hilarious. Mac DeMarco said all of these cute little things in between songs and it was really cute. When he sang the last chorus of 'Still Together' he brought his "sweet Kiki" out on stage and they both sat on an amp/monitor (I don't have a great music equipment vocabulary or vocabulary in general) and kissed each other and it was the most adorable thing ever. They also played a cover of 'Blackbird' and the bassist sang, or, rather, screamed half of it.

The experience of being there was a lot of fun. I could feel the bass drum in my heart and sweaty people all around me and all of the vibes were very beautiful and happy and together-y. It's also been becoming super apparent to me that (most of) my friends and I are basically the only kids in our age group that don't smoke/drink/do drugs. It's kind of weird. It's not like I want to or anything (it doesn't sound like a lot of fun, anyways) but so many kids my age throw parties where they get super high and drunk and it's totally normal. My previous school was in a bit of a bubble, so this is very culture shock-y and stuff. And, I know this is stupid, but after having had it be blown into my face for an hour at the show, I finally know what weed smells like! (I live in New York, so I've obviously smelled it before...I just wasn't completely aware of what it was.) If you haven't noticed, I'm a total dork (and I'm proud!)

After the show was over, Ruby and I saw some Rookies! We may be featured in a photo shoot one day! (We gave our emails to a photographer whose name I can't remember right now...sorry!) 

We also took a picture with mister DeMarco! I SAID EIGHT WHOLE WORDS TO HIM. I said, "May we please take a picture with you?" and he was like "Sure!" and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.

I'm not sure what the inspiration behind the Christmas picture was. I just think it's funny and I like Christmas, so yeah!

Mac DeMarco is really great. His music doesn't really sound like anything else that's popular now. It's very velvety chill and charismatic and humble and sweet. I think he's awesome. And he has a great sense of humor.

Yay! Good night.