Saturday, July 6, 2013


Happy kissing day! (It's officially summer vacation--segue.)

I have some goals I'm hoping to accomplish by the time school starts:
  • Become organized (like, anally organized.) (Heheh, my British/Australian followers must be like whaaaa, but, sort of, not really, yeahhh.)
uhhh not making much progress
  • Take good care of yourself--make it a habit (shower more than once a month, wash face, brush teeth, cut nails, eee tee see.)
  • Establish a good relationship with food.
  • Get to sleep before 11PM every night. (Uhh...)
  • Blog at least three times a week (I have already failed y'all.)
  • Read two books a month.
  • Write and submit a piece to Rookie.
  • Bake more often.
I told myself my summer wouldn't be me watching Bones at 4AM like it was last year.

...It's 5AM.

Here's what thangs have been looking like. (When I’m not holed up in my room or grocery shopping—surprisingly enough, grocery shopping takes up a good bit of my time.)

a taste of summer on Vimeo.

I'm not sure if "Carnival" is the most relevant song... It's just the first song I found that also happened be ninety seconds long (the exact length of the video.) I've also realized now that the biking part (the bulk of the video) is quite boring and the rainbow thing is stupid and I had lots more pictures from the beginning, but I didn't know until after I published the video... BUT YOU GUYS COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT THAT STUFF!

That was my gracefully smoove segue! Yeeeaahh! This post is about FOOD. (Sort of.)

I love preparing myself meals. This is my ├╝ber-'Murican Independence Day dinner. I ate whilst viewing the Macy's fireworks show. (Well, I had a terrible view, so not really.)

I had purple rice with curried lentil soup on top and this carrot-radish salad-thing with guacamole. I was just gonna cut up the vegetables, but I saw the grater-contraption when I was looking for the carrot peeler, and yeeeeaaah. It was sufficiently disgusting.

I've been mostly vegan (with the exception of the occasional bag of chips that just happened to have dairy in it for no reason but to piss me off) since Earth Day...  My mom always bothers me about that stuff ("You need eggs! What are you going to do without fish? A growing girl needs milk! UUUUUGGGGHHH live a little!") and to shut her up, I decided to (consciously) eat animal products all day. 

Thinking about the frozen yogurt, shrimp cocktail, and mussels flowing through my bloodstream makes me feel so dirty. (Shiver.) The fact that parts of dead or suffering animals are INSIDE of me makes me cringe. This might sound hippie-ish or stupid, but I feel like my energy (emotional--not like feeling tired) is all cloudy and gross.

It feels selfish to lessen or extinguish the quality of life for innocent creatures just because mac n' cheese makes me feel nostalgic. I'll continue to be vegan, especially after having conducted this experiment.

PS: How do you guys think I should cut my hair? This is its current state.

Tell me in the COMMENTS section! I miss hearing your feedback!

Have a nice day, y'alls!