Tuesday, June 18, 2013



There are like, six days of school left or something. I have my Geometry Regents (good luck if you're taking it!) tomorrow and one more final, and I'M ALL YOURS, OKAY?

Middle school is so special... I'll feel so weird when it's over. Everything is just so ripe and awkward and not fully formed and cute...

just like this
moonrise kingdom, btw
And I'm just getting so nostalgic about the sloppy stupidity and whatever of all this stuff. I mean, such random stuff (feeling sweaty, the way peoples' teeth look, the way people smell, the way the air smells, eating cherries, like I said, RANDOM STUFF) makes me become overwhelmed with emotion and some weird attachment to the past (it could be an hour ago or ten years ago)...

We've been acting out The Tempest in English, and it's so funny, it makes me sad. (What I'm about to say here is shallow; there is nothing funny about homosexuality or cross-dressing, BUT...) I think it's so sweet and hilarious when two boys read the love scenes (Miranda [a short kid with a squeaky voice and a thick accent]: Then, I will be thy wife? Ferdinand [Miranda's actor's best friend]: O heavens, a thousand a thousand!) Also, fourteen year old boys in dresses and tiaras...and basketball shoes.

I mean, I haven't lost all of my bitter angst and stuff. Sometimes (most of the time) I feel like Enid.

ghost world
i've finally read the comic
But yeah. You're apparently supposed to get adequate sleep before important tests, so... bai.

PS: Here's a mouse in a teacup.

PPS: This post needs a song. The Zombies are my latest obsession.

PPPS: I think The Tempest was where Shakespeare came up with the term, "in a pickle."

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