Friday, March 29, 2013


**I am aware of every single grammatical mistake in the title. LAUGH, DAMN, YOU.


But, I've given plenty of hints. If you don't know where I'm going, YOU'RE STUPID. (Or not familiar with New York City's specialized high schools.) For those of you that aren't, here is a quick introduction. Note that these are only public schools.


THREE SPECIALIZED HIGH SCHOOLS: You’re only allowed to go to one of these three high schools if you want to be seen as smart by your Asian peers. Only one of them is acceptable. (Cough, STUYVESANT HIGH SCHOOL, cough.) Consider yourself disowned is you don’t get into Stuy. Consider yourself sleeping in a cardboard box if you don't get into Bronx Science or Brooklyn Tech. Consider yourself slaughtered and left to be eaten by your parents if you don't get into any of them.

FIVE MORE SPECIALIZED HIGH SCHOOLS: No one cares about these because they’re all, like, in Long Island or something.

ONE MORE “SPECIALIZED” HIGH SCHOOL: Only people who dye their hair florescent colors consider this high school specialized. (It’s an art school, shudder.)

ART SCHOOLS: We don’t care about these schools for two reasons: one, they’re not specialized; and two, THEY’RE ART SCHOOLS.

WANNABE SPECIALIZED HIGH SCHOOLS: While these high schools may boast college courses and screening processes, they are not okay because they’ll brainwash you with THE HUMANITIES. We are allergic to THE HUMANITIES here.

ALL THE REST: Only half of the people at these schools are on reading level.

happy apping, everyone!


  1. So many of my friends are going there! (76 people from my school got in.) You'll probably run into one of them! It was one of my choices but I'm going to a different school now. Congrats!

    1. a lot of people from my school are going, too! i'll be on the lookout. i'm sure you'll do great at whatever school you're going to! (i know i said this, but all of that stuff i said about the other schools was totally sarcastic) thanks!

  2. wowowowowow awesome! congratulations, yo! i know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about new york city high schools, specialized or otherwise. BUt i'm glad you got in and that you're smart and cool and happy. I think that your facial expressions might be the best thing in the entire universe. Like I can't, what. like there actually should be an award. I think that people think making really hilarious yet expressive faces is easy, but it's NOT. many people don't do it that well. yours are perfect! made me lolololol

    1. thank you thank you thank you a million thymes thank you! i take great pride in my facial expressions <3 <3 <3 <3 ~~~~ <3 <3 ~

  3. CONGRATZ ON YR FACE BB AND GETTING INTO YR SCHOOL OF CHOICE also fun fact our names our 1 letter apart from each other if that makes sense WOO YR GIFS ARE ~~QUALITY~~