Saturday, December 1, 2012


in case you forgot what i looked like
ps: happy december!
Hello! During Hurricane Sandy, I didn't really have much to do besides eat cereal and read, so I reverted to my favorite homebody activity: DANCING ALONE IN MY BEDROOM.

This is actually an activity I spend a lot of my time doing, and I probably enjoy a lot more than I should. 

Like, maybe it's not just hurricanes that confine me to this shabby little quarter that I can't even call my own (housing costs in Manhattan + cheap parents = sharing a room with ten year old brother = retarded mouth noises all night = PURE MISERY AIDED BY SLEEP DEPRIVATION), but the paralyzing fear of the outside world and dealing with things besides Tumblr/Bones/black tea with cinnamon and vanilla in it and a LEMUR on the box. (Example: Cold weather. Another example: Bumping into people on the street and having them literally wish you were dead. Another another example: The sheer amount of effort it takes to get dressed.) 

School is a chore, but not necessarily a bad one. It's like how homework isn't physically painful or anything once you get past procrastination  (something that I'm obviously not capable of, given that I'm here now and not doing homework.) However, the amazing thing about school is that YOU CAN'T PROCRASTINATE AT SCHOOL. I made this realization not too long ago, and it is like, amazing. Plus, there are maybe one and a half cute boys at school (hey, I'm a teenage girl and this blog is about honesty) my eyes lick their lips for.

worst metaphor ever
but best gif ever
I realized that there are other really great things at school, even when you don't have the comfort of your best friends at your side. I mean, the other day we had a fire drill during jazz band (which my TWO friends aren't a part of right now--I think I have more, but my cynicism has made me oblivious to all things good and is begging for a pity party) and I was like 'ugh im a luzr' 'ugh i hav no frends' 'ugh lyf sux', BUT THEN, TWO PEOPLE APPROACHED ME. AND LIKE, THEY WERE BOTH TALKING TO ME AT THE SAME TIME AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHO TO LOOK AT AND THAT IS ALWAYS A GREAT THING. And then person one said to person two, 'Why do you wear lipstick? It looks unnatural.' and I said, 'Why are you wearing clothes? It's unnatural.' and then we launched into a heated debate about nakedness, picking flowers, cutting your hair and definitions that I can only drool and guffaw about.

Not all people are bad people if you can't borrow tampons from them and express your hate for virtually everyone and everything with them.

(cue for Charlie to exclaim, 'Whoa! No kidding! which was by the way, also not a part of the extremely watered down movie version--scowl.)

I mean, I like to savor conversation and avoid people as soon as I make any sort of connection with them because I don't want to run out of ink or say something to shatter our union of positive acknowledgement. I want to hold on tight to it like a piece of candy that is so special you want to save it for a special occasion, but end up never eating it. That's not really a positive thing because the yearning of eating the candy is not nearly as satisfying as enjoying the candy, even if you add the guilt that comes along with it being gone afterwards.

So yeah, dancing with myself is still my preferred method of passing time.


  1. I dance in the shower. No shame.
    All the things in this post. Ugh I agree with them all. Especially the school bits! Just yesterday I was thinking about how a lot of people are actually a lot nicer than you think but so many people are just shy.
    I've never shared a room (apart from like when I go away/on camp/etc.) and I wish I did! I know everyone who shares a room says that but I'm going to go out on a limb and ask, what if it was a BIG room? With like your bestest buddy? Would you like it then? Huh huh huh? (I hope so because my friend and I have planned our dream house with our big shared bedroom and wardrobe and I think it'll be amazing)

    1. how do you dance in the shower? don't you slip?!
      yeah, i've noticed. people never seem to be able to draw the line between boring and shy. sharing a room is awful. it made my relationship with my brother a billion times worse than it would have been if the situation was different. also, my room is fairly big. but, maybe i just think that because i'm a city kid. OH WITH MY BESTEST BUDDY, i think i would probably enjoy that very much, but i could possibly get bored after a while. i remember my 2nd grade dream house! hehe.

      thanks for commenting! it's amazing to know people actually read my blog and actually thoughtfully respond to them with actual comments and opinions and ideas and shat. <3 <3 <3

    2. Hahahaha you'd be surprised how difficult it is to slip in the shower when you're dancing, and that's coming from a very clumsy person!
      I wonder if your relationship with your brother that way is if he's your only sibling? (I am just assuming that's the case) because I'm one of four and even though we all have our own rooms in some ways it can be easier to not fight because if you get sick of one sibling you just go to another. That said, there are times where we all get on each others nerves. But DRAMATIC SIGH such is life.
      But my friend and I's dream house is insane, so I don't think we could get sick of it... as in it's got an in-ground trampoline and a stage and a watchtower and fire pit and a candy bar and and and... we're 16, not 8, but we still want it!
      I also would like to say a BIG FAT THANK YOU for your amazing comment on my blog!!! You've got an excellently mature and considerate point of view. <3