Sunday, October 28, 2012


you know what time it is

is that what i think it is? another halloween appreciation post? ur not srsly doing this 2 me.

If that thing with the no punctuation and misspellings and caramel calcium chews and mildew and torn scratching posts and little gooey cat teeth annoys you…I don’t know.

The test thing I’ve been whining about is finally over! Yay! I don’t really know (care) how well I did, but I’m glad (and hopefully you are, too) I can return to regular posting and not eating eight granola bars and six bowls of cereal in one sitting—if you’re not sure what I’m trying to say, let me clarify (because I hate it when I don’t know what other people are trying to say): S-T-R-E-S-S-[space]-E-A-T-I-N-G. rawr. Ugh, I just realized how annoying it is to put a hyphen between each letter. I’m sorry, I’ll change that URL for y’all when I think of some witty play on some obscure Sonic Youth song that no one will get my reference to. (oh, the troubles of the painfully indie.)

My mother (awwww how cute) asked why I post such “ugly” pictures of myself on the internetz. I think growing up in a Styrofoam Cup Noodles cup in the middle of nowhere in China obscured her sense of humor. I AM NOT GOING TO LET HER MEAN WORDS GET TO ME. I’M JUST GOING TO BE ME!!!! Read the writing on the wall temporary tattoo.

the mummy guy makes me a little too happy
My school had a dance tonight. FRIGHT NIGHT. It was mostly me “moshing” and everyone being like “whut duh fuq” Dances (or any parties, wait no, social gatherings in general) are a bit of a drag, so I just eat and sulk the whole time. (Well, half the time—I dance, but get tired quickly.) It made me realize how much I love just sitting outside and talking to my best frands (and how attractive it is when boys dye their hair What? Huh? I didn’t say anything. Did you?)

Tumblr has been very good to me. Here are some pictures of Halloween nostalgia that makes my heart hurt:



find all sources from here--i'm lazy, okayyy?

Something about Halloween has always been really awesome to me. Autumn is an awesome season and I love candy and there's something really badass about witches and Satan

In New York City, when Halloween approaches, people walk around in costumes and there is this amazing spirit that is in the air that looks really cool in tights and velvet boots with a big fat buckle and a bit of a heel. Halloween is like Christmas, but it's not too cold and you don't have to worry about religion or getting the right presents. My fondest childhood memories (weight how old r u agan) are of me, my dad, and my brother running up and down the stairs of my building and taking eight mini-Milky Ways from all those those tiny bowls that are all ceramic and black and 'pleaz take one' and will most likely be shattered by the time the ceramic bowl owner checks back in on his/her ceramic bowl-ness.


I made a worklist (like play, but work because I'm clever.) It's called, "*black cats with warts or something" wow. It makes me laugh a lot whenever Charlie says 'wow!' in the Perks, especially when he discovers masturbation and is like "No kidding!" And no, I haven't seen the movie yet.

Spotify didn't recognize my copy of My Body, The Hand Grenade or something and I couldn't live without posting this song (well, this cover of it) so, yeah:


  1. heeheeheee you so funneeh maan

    1. yes, i am aware of my exceptional ability to say witty, intelligent things that make others laugh.