Sunday, September 23, 2012


Did I seriously just name a playlist ‘purrple fallen leaves’?!
Who do I think I am? tavi gevinson? e.e. cummings?

Like, just because I have a friend who lives in Williamsburg does not mean this is okay.

Treat yourself to some ~fall vibez.~ (Ahahaha, she made a joke. Wow, that’s totally a joke. …I think…)

Now it's fall and it's cold and stuff. The sound of skateboard wheels rolling against the sidewalk, the smell of cinnamon, wearing a sweater with all of the little bulbs of sweater residue, drinking out of a mug, and just SITTING NEXT TO AN OPEN WINDOW AND FEELING COOL AIR ON MY SKIN... It's really too much for me. (In a good way.) For some reason fall nostalgia is so strong that it makes my chest tight, like all of the memories are bubbling up inside of my lungs (kind of like the way Jimi Hendrix's lungs were filled with vomit--lolololololol) or my heart strings are literally being yanked out of my chest. I'm not totally sure why. I mean, I hate it when it's too hot or too cold and spring pisses me off for whatever reason.

Anyways, New York City in the fall is so unbelievably awesome.


Happy fall!

nirvana and smashing pumpkins are like so totally autumn
(read the above sentence in the voice of some painfully indie art school graphic design major in dark grey jeans)

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