Saturday, August 18, 2012


I’ve just been admiring all of the good in the world lately.

(ugly baby burp sound and my fists get at clenched up)


As you may have noticed, I’ve taken a weeklong hiatus because I went to yet another camp. Yes, another one. It was better than the first, but lacked some of the shiny happy mystical magic of the “family” camp.

                                                                           ^ ^ ^ ^
(translation: 'Who's your favorite band?')
This picture pretty much sums up my experience.

It was like (I will refer to it as “Camp Suburbia Girl Hate” for security reasons as well as dignity reasons) CSGH, but with BOIIZ, feathery dread-locked hair, (mostly) tasty vegetarian food, religious discussions, braided beards, yoga, and lots of maxi skirts.

The first night, we had a nice camp fire.

Like any good campfire, there were s’mores.

…And of course those weirdos who end up making rants about nothing and waving around a torch they just made. (OKAY, I KNOW THE PERSON IN THE PICTURE HAS THE SAME SUNGLASSES AND HAIR AND BODY AND STUFF AS ME, BUT I ASSURE YOU, IT. IS. NOT. ME.)

I explored my lost love for Sculpy with my frands.

i didn't make this

I wore lots of bracelets.

I fawned over tasteful jewelry. (I’ve got a bit of an amethyst obsession because it always makes me think of Courtney and all her little fish stars.)

I got hailed on. Outside the window, it looked like it had just snowed. …In the middle of August.

There was also a lot of knitting action.

I took a class—appropriately named ‘Stitch n’ Bitch’—and knitted a sexy scarf.

This is my frand, Maddie modeling it.

This is me being normal while wearing it.

I have a newfound obsession: TAROT. I LOVE IT LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS.

I just think it’s awesome to explore you’re intuitive mind, as well as other peoples’ issues and contemplate the meaning of lyfe. I got out a lot of things from other people with eleven facking cards placed in a fancy pattern (the Celtic cross, to be exact.) It’s really great to be able to help others learn about themselves and give them advice and shat.

*notice that the person that i was reading got "the devil" for self.
I particularly fell in love with the Zombie Tarot deck. Everyone was afraid of it because they thought it was some novelty crap. Honestly, it was the only deck I could read very well, plus it was really visually interesting.

**all images via fredflare**
However, I might want (need) the ‘Housewives Tarot.’ It’s like the Zombie deck, but not dead. It also plays around with the ideas of femininity and innocence, which is always fun.

We had “the Watermelon Games.” It was like the Olympics, but with lots of MELONS.
We had this weird watermelon yoga thing where someone would do a downward dog (a pretty sucky one) and eat watermelon and the same time. –strokes beard- …Interesting…

There was also a watermelon eating contest. …Our poor friend threw up twice.

OH AND MY FAVORITE! Watermelon poetry writing contest. 

(Apparently, people don’t appreciate honest simplicity, so they rewrote it and described watermelon using words like, ‘scrumptious’ and ‘succulent.’)

We did really well. We came in fourth place (the best part is that there were four teams.)

WELLL, we also had a dance, which a lot of people decorated their skin for and stuff.

This gurl is pretty cool and is obsessed with Hole, which is always cool.

I didn’t feel like dancing, so my friends and I stayed in the dining hall and read Seventeen magazine.

Seventeen magazine doesn’t piss me off at all.


Now I’m back and studying for the stupid high school placement test! YAY!!!!

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