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So uhh Lana Del Rey covered "Heart-Shaped Box."

I don't think it's BAD or anything; it's just not my thing. Plus, it's always a little lame when someone covers something that's like NIRVANA and it loses it's POWER (e.g. distortion and screaming.)  Also, she probably wouldn't have thought to cover the song if Christina Aguilera wasn't like "THIS YEAR, ON THE VOICE I WANT TO BE UNIQUE! I HAVE SINGERS WITH ALTERNATIVE HAIRSTYLES! LET'S DO NIRVANA! THINK OF THE PAIINNNN KURT MUST HAVE BEEN FEELING WHEN HE WROTE THESE REALLY INTENSE AND CREATIVE LYRICS."

Anywho, Courtney Love reacted.

i just heart clove SO MUCH
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Here are some pictures that remind me of Divergent! It's a lot of shat about apocalypse and familynostalgiagiggle and cyborgs and shat.

If you haven't read Divergent by Veronica Roth and you don't want me to spoil it for you, I advise you to go away now.

My one and only complaint about the book (gotta get it off my chest):

…until we found out his real name—“TOBIAS.” I think Veronica Roth has a plan to screw over every single Arrested Development fan who dares to read her book. It freaks me out. When Tris is like “Tobias pressed his lips against mine and I got on top of him and ran my hand down his warm skin, feeling his smooth toned muscles and stopping at his waist and keeping my hand there…” ALL I CAN THINK OF IS THIS:

Other than that, I thought the book was SPECTACULAR. I've finally found a place where I belong in the long science fiction novel world! I missed out on the whole Hunger Games, Peeniss thing and Harry Potter, so yeah.

i don't even....
I'm really excited for the movie to come out (lawl in 2015.) I'll be a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL and I'll **participate** in counting down the days until it comes out and buying all of the crap magazines, and oh yeah, TUMBLING ABOUT IT.

Now, the end of the book.

I always feel like endings move a little too quickly. They tend to be kind of over embellished. Like the way Roth killed off Tris's parents? It didn't seem totally necessary. On the other hand, Tris already virtually lived parentless, so I'm glad she got rid of them. She kept Caleb, most likely because we haven't heard enough from him. I mean, the dad never played a big part, but no one cares. He wasn't even a parent anymore when he died. The whole "faction before blood" idea, or selflessness versus selfishness got me thinking. 

How important are our families? Is it okay not to love our family members? We share blood with them, but what else do we share? If someone says something about not feeling a connection with family members, people are like "FIND SOME THINGS YOU HAVE IN COMMON! START PLAYING MONOPOLY! BONDING IS VITAL TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!" Maternity is important, when it comes to raising children well-- although there is such thing as an unfit mother (I'm pro-choice all the way.) If being around someone is going to negatively affect you, whether you be related by blood or not, I don't think you have to associate yourself with him/her. However, the American way is hanging around people with you hate just so you're popular and loving your annoying brother even though he ruins your life. In a way, factions are like families. You're expected to live a certain way, confined by certain restrictions, expected to achieve certain goals. I don't know if it's selfish if you keep finding yourself wanting to live by your own rules so much.

It's not that obvious to what degree we're supposed to love others compared to ourselves. It's like we're supposed to live thinking that we should save others before ourselves. People say that everyone is equally worthy, but that's obviously not the case. If President Obama and some psychopath were in a life or death situation where only one of them would survive, would I bet some people would call out the president for being selfish if he saved himself. 

I guess fighting for a greater good is the best you can do. Tris tried to keep everyone alive as best she could. Even though she lost some people, she saved lives and remained happy (for the most part.) She has Caleb, her mentor, Four, her most intimate love, and most importantly herself. She also saved many Abnegations, as well as Dauntless. Anything to preserve a community as a whole (the best balance of quality and quantity possible) is the right thing to do, if there is a right thing to do. We have to learn to live with the fact that we can't get everything, so we should make the best out of what we have. 
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That's all for today! 
Well, bye.

...or something.

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panoramas are cool.

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