Sunday, August 12, 2012


**THIS IS A SUPER LONG POST. Keep scrolling if you don't care about my personal life.**

I’m back! I just had probably to most amazing week of my short life. It combined everything I love about everything.

Most of the time, I’m a cynical little bitch (mad at the world, I’d be better off dead—that boring cliché Tumblr rant Ghost World crap) but this week… I just laughed and had as much fun as I could and **lived in the moment. **

I went to a family camp-thang where you don't see your family from 8AM to 11PM (works for me!) 
Here's What I Did:

My friends and I spent plenty of time outside, just roaming around and hanging out. (This is EXTREMELY rare for kids in this day and age.)

What WASN’T extremely rare, considering the fact that we’re KIDS in 2K12 was the outrageous amount of selfies.



The texting...

The grind-lines… (This is me and my friend Evie showing the n00bs what goes on at the dance on the last night.)

And secksy middle fingers.

WELLL, I ate well! The food was delicious (unlike at my other camp.) It was all vegetarian, organic, and (mostly) locally/seasonally produced. In the words of Courtney Love, “I’m not a foodie, but I am a foodie.”

It was a RAWK CAMP, so we played a lot of muzik and stuff. OH HOW I LOVE MUZIK.
I always feel really embarrassed about going to rock camp. It’s like that line from “Rockstar/Olympia,” ‘We took punk rock/And we got a grade!” It feels really stoopid and phony and pretentious. (Grrr, my Holden Caulfield is showing again.)

that's my sexy fender vista venus
it's crazily rare-- i'm not a guitar junkie or anything but i got it because courtney love co-designed it.

awesome staff members doing a beach house cover

We had a show (u kno wear u perform and shit.) We all hung out in my family’s cabin beforehand to get all primped and stuff.

I wore a little black sweater, a Halloween shirtdress, and these tie-dye tights. I also had on lipstick, if you can tell. (Ha sarcasm ha.)

I like being on stage. Like a lot. I’m a control freak and chose what song to do for every band I was in (except for ‘Psycho Killer’—I wasn’t 100% a part of that band. I just knew the song on bass and they needed a bassist.)

I played guitar and sang with my friend Brenna in a cover of “Indian Summer” by Beat Happening.

I also played guitar and sang (apparently the sound guy isn’t so fond of my voice because he turned my mic all the way down—shut up and don’t just assume stuff because it didn’t go your way, passive aggressive bitch) in a cover on “Cut Your Hair” by Pavement. Our band was called “All Lowercase B-A-D-D With a Period” like fun. but slightly different because we’re so indie and cool like that.

I also did a ukulele cover with my friend Remmy of “We’re Gonna Be Friends” by The White Stripes, but I only have a crappy phone video and didn’t do so great.

All in all, I met some really awesome people. It's really weird how we connected on such and intimate level, but are separated now. WE ALL GET ALONG REALLY WELL.

No, we were joking around. This is how our conversations ACTUALLY went.

We really do care for each other.

 Now I’m kind of sad, but really happy. (I’m sappy.) I’m going to another camp tomorrow, so I won’t be posting for a while.

Good night.

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