Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hello! Today I went to the park with my friend Lark.

There was a free punk show going on. All of the bands were basically a reincarnation of Black Flag, but less violent (ultimately less special.) All of their songs sounded the same, but I guess that's not the point. The point is to create a community where everyone can express their  angst/rage.

It was a pretty cute community. (Cute? Go to Hell.) I mean, it was like all of the crusty earth punks in Manhattan knew about it. Everyone was like, moshing and selling merch and practicing their growls or whatever. I mean, they did seem slightly "exclusive." Like "IF YOU DON'T BLEACHED HAIR YOU CAN GO FUCK OFF AND CRY TO YOUR RICH MOMMY AND DADDY." There were PLENTY of other people there, checking out this exquisite subculture. It was a little awkward.

Obviously, it had it's 2K12 <3 #YOLO quirks, like WAY TOO MUCH iPad photography and "I'm gonna put this on my bloggggg!!" (You shouldn't be talking.)

Anyway, were found this playground without anyone in it and hung out.

So like, after we finished with the pictures, these yuppie parents and their toddlers came and this kid peed on himself. We heard this dripping sound and there was this MASSIVE AMOUNT OF LIQUID COMING FROM HIS SHORTS AND GETTING ALL OVER HIS SHOES. It was... interesting.


(It's honeysuckle honeydew scented.)

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