Saturday, July 28, 2012


This week, the slideshow, “Savvy, Vulnerable, and Brimming With Attitude” caught my eye. Photographer, Amy Touchette takes pictures of New York City kids and presents us a totally raw depiction of individuals that each occupy a small part of this Big Apple and its legacy. A city dweller and naïve, know-it-all thirteen year old myself, I was immediately wistful and my chest puffed up with cozy hometown pride when I saw this. Touchette’s portrayal is incredibly honest. She didn’t just go after the indie, modern day Robert and Patti’s or try to make some two dimensional, feministing statement about beauty standards by taking pictures of “real girls” who don’t mid treating themselves to the (not so) occasional brownie. She makes use of the entire palette. Each face, outfit, or familiar park bench is presented in pure, uncompromised fashion, but may be more extraordinary and nostalgia inducing than a million words.

"Inro the Forest" by Lucy Dodds
Many people probably don’t get what’s so great about a couple of reckless, confused adolescents. What “greater insight” could a couple of annoying rookies have? Something about being a city kid, about the things we’ve seen, heard, and tasted, separates us from kids living in the suburbs. You can see it in the pictures. Our lives are a little more elaborate. We encounter a lot on a daily basis. We’re all a part of this HUGE, densely packed world that’s filled to the brim with a little bit of everything. It takes more brain power to take in blue hair so bright it hurts your eyes, massive gages, and junkies shooting up than you might expect. This unique, but usually unacknowledged, puffy black-eyed ripeness is put in the spotlight thanks to Amy Touchette. 
my frands being city-ish or whatever

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