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Forward/Intro/Who cares what it's called, just get to the point already, you annoying piece of poop with little chunks of carrot and magenta glitter in it:
           Okay! Every single girl who's ever started a blog ever within the past two years probably has some connection (e.g. totally rips her off with every little shtick she's ever used in her writing to every inspiration post picture-- I think I'm guilty myself, so yeah) with Tavi Gevinson. I would never start this blog without her, so here are my two cents!
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            This week, the article “Oracle of Girl World” caught my attention. It’s about pint-sized teen fashion blogger, Editor-in-Chief of Rookie magazine, and wunderkind, Tavi Gevinson.
           I spent last summer at camp devouring my friend’s large stack of Teen Vogues. Although I was slightly put off by the Joe Jonas covers and Demi Lavato photo shoots—reading about the stars of Camp Rock doesn’t guarantee a spot in the indie hall of fame—I felt like this whole “Teenage Girlhood” thing that I’m a part of was finally turning out to be, well, cool. As my appreciation for coral lipsticks and last autumn’s massive tribal afghan shawls grew, I stumbled across a write up on Tavi and died at the mention of Heathers and officially crowned her “Coolest Girl in the World.” I eventually read almost every blog post ever published on Style Rookie and became religiously attached to Rookie. She created the whole “living in aesthetic worlds” thing and making long “inspiration” blog posts (usually consisted of stills from The Virgin Suicides and Ghost World) that EVERY SINGLE TEENAGED GIRL WHO HAS EVER REMOTELY SET FOOT IN A THRIFT STORE DOES. Tavi rules an entire subculture and always manages to delight us with quality work that’s unbelievably honest and special, while hating everyone 95% of the time (being a teenager) and going to school, too.

she can do music, too!

            She doesn’t live a normal life at all. Just getting by, or being expected to do homework while there’s TUMBLR is already almost too much to ask for. She has to worry about her business succeeding and constantly get judged by strangers, accusing her of being a fake or a poser, complaining about every time she writes something that doesn’t include ethnic women or is sponsored by a company they don’t agree with. So much of herself is put out there and ultimately torn apart. It’s hard to be carefree and enjoy life when everything is so complicated. All this aside, she’s always been able to always keep going strong.

            Tavi Gevinson, I salute you.


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